• 484 SERIES

    Piggy Back

    Offers a 2-way adjustability while utilizing an attached gas reservior. Available with a wide variety of piston options. Uses newly designed canister, piston rod and needle assembly.

  • 704 SERIES

    4-Way Adjustable

    Integra's 4-way adjustable shock is one of the most advanced shock absorbers available. Independent high and low speed adjusters allow for infinite tuning possibilities.


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  • 411/451 SERIES


    The Avenger Shock offers all of the Integra quality in a non-bulb type configuration.  The LR Front Shock has a smaller gas reservoir that results in more rod pressure at ride height without increasing static pressure.  A key advantage is better forward traction without valve change or gas pressure increase.

  • 402 SERIES

    Base Valve

    The Base Valve Shock combines bladder and base valve design to increase grip and valving consistency. Available in steel and aluminum versions, along with Non-Schrader valve where rules dictate.

  • 404 SERIES


    The Canister Shock offers 2-way adjustability while utilizing a remote canister gas reservoir. A variety of new pistons make the Canister one of the most adjustable shocks on the market today.

  • 604 SERIES


    The IDA (Internal Double Adjustable) Shock offers the consistency you expect from Integra along with proven on-track success. The IDA Shock utilizes both base valve and bladder technology to provide ultimate grip for the most extreme racing surfaces.

  • 401 SERIES


    The Stealth Series Shock includes a larger nitrogen gas chamber combined with a 1/2" diameter piston rod to drastically reduce rod pressure.

  • 471 SERIES

    Stock Mount

    The Stock Mount Shocks are available in all popular valvings. Many piston options available including Linear, Digressive, Linear Digressive and DSP.

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