Parker Jr. Wins at The Bullring at LVMS

Jimmy Parker Jr. and Tyler Fabozzi split the 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Models races that bookended the evening's racing action. Parker Jr. edged Dennis Rock by 1.167 seconds in the first race to secure the 11th Bullring win of his career.

"It wasn't me, it was the machine," said Parker Jr., whose last Bullring win had come in 2010. "This was a three-year project (we started) three years ago, and we said we were going to put together the nicest race car we've ever got to play with. I just can't thank my guys enough. They make me look good.

"I feel like a 15-year-old kid all over again."

NASCAR Super Late Models 35-lap feature No. 1

  1. Jimmy Parker Jr.; 2. Dennis Rock (-1.167 seconds); 3. Scott Gafforini (-1.407); 4. Dezel West (-1.624); 5. David Anderson (-4.073); 6. Kayli Barker (-4.291); 7. Johnny Spilotro (-5.897); 8. Stan Mullis (-6.307); 9. Charlie Pike (-9.176); 10. Toni Breidinger (-1 lap); 11. Ray Hoffman (-2 laps); 12. Tyler Fabozzi (-11 laps)

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