Spatola Nabs Second Allen Memorial Win

Mike Spatola had one of those nights where all went well as he cruised to the checkered flag to win the 22nd annual “Pappy and Bob Allen Memorial at Fairbury American Legion Speedway on Saturday.
Spatola also grabbed a check of $2,000 for being the winner.

There were 14 late model drivers who qualified for the 35-lap, Allen Memorial with Myles Moos turning heads by posting fast time of 13.153 seconds. Spatola and Kevin Weaver won their respected heat races.

Spatola took a healthy lead at the start, with Scott Schmitt, Weaver, Billy Drake, and Derek Chandler trying to keep up with the race leader. After an early caution period, Spatola maintained the lead as Weaver took second from Schmitt and Chandler got by Drake for fourth.

As the track began to take rubber, drivers ran single file on the top. Caution fell on lap 21.

With Spatola safely in the lead, Schmitt snuck by Weaver for second. Debris caused another yellow flag on lap 24. The restart saw Weaver reclaim second from Schmitt and Moos take fifth from Chandler. After a final caution on lap 29, Spatola left his competition and took his third win of the year at Fairbury and second Allen Memorial race.

“We didn’t expect the track to rubber up like it did,” Spatola said. “The car was a little free. I think we made the wrong call on tires, but it was still good. This car is amazing. No matter where I want to go, I am able to put it there. The car is everything I could hope for.”

The remainder of the top 10 were Weaver, Schmitt, Drake, Moos, Bill Hough, Steve Thorsten, Chandler, Jeff Curl and Glen Thompson.

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